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Welcome to my world!

Welcome to You & Yours Yoga, I'm Amy a level 1 registered Yoga Teacher here to talk all things yoga, accessing the true you, spiritual and beyond I am so grateful for whatever circumstances has brought you to my page, I hope you enjoy the journey. I've always loved Yoga, I attended regular classes, workshops, seminars etc. but it was only when I went through a very demanding and stressful period of my life I incorporated yoga as a tool into my daily self care routine and the benefits were beyond any of my wildest expectations. Through my yoga journey, I now feel no matter what is going on in my external life around me, through my dedicated daily yoga practice I always feel a deep sense of connection and peace within myself which has brought me so much strength, independence, healing and self love. One day during a meditation session I had a feeling I needed to share this with the world, yoga had changed me & my life beyond all my wildest dreams, imagine what it could do for others! OHH MY! THIS IS MY PURPOSE!! If I can share this knowledge, share these tools, to at least help one person find there way back to themselves in this materialistic, conditioned, modern world we live, to bring more peace into their life and into the world, I will have fulfilled my dream! So I signed myself up to a 500 HR teacher training diploma and here I am now a level 1 registered yoga teacher with Yoga Australia equipped with even more tools and knowledge turning a dream into a reality.
Yoga has brought me up from my lowest of lows and kept me balanced through my highest of highs, it keeps me accountable and constantly giving me that space and opportunity for self reflection and growth. Yoga is my way of life and now my passion to share the many benefits with others.
The Lineage of my teachings is that of Sri Krishnamacharya, which emphasises the importance of our breath and is an invaluable tool for distressing and calming the nervous system. I will be working with my students using and exploring the tools of Asana (physical postures) Pranayama (breathing techniques) Mantras, Meditation and so much more in the form of Yoga classes, Workshops, Private sessions and creating Personalised Yoga Practices. Yoga no matter what form has it's many benefits, but I truly believe though my experience and knowledge the benefits increase threefold when incorporated into a daily personalised Yoga practice designed specially to suit the student. Whether your goal is to become more flexible and toned, a practice to help you distress and unwind or looking to awaken your true self and discover the peace within, or even all of the above the beauty of a personalised Yoga Practice it can be designed for whatever, whenever, wherever YOU want!
One of my teaching goals is to break the stigma that Yoga is only for the physical body for 'As long as you can breathe you can do Yoga'. Another is to break through the conditioning of society and through meditation to go within feel those feelings, and encourage to share those feelings, for sharing is healing. However my foremost goal, is to connect with others, hear their story and work together using the tools of Yoga and taking those benefits we achieve on the mat, off the mat and incorporate into their everyday life! for 'Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me'
I am so beyond excited to share all the knowledge, tools and many benefits Yoga has to offer as well as the self healing techniques I have found beneficial throughout my journey to impact positively on other peoples lives. I hope to see some of you on the mat real soon. 
Lots of love from me to You & Yours x
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"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"


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